Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014

Whew! I am wore out! Just got home from the Plant Walk! That was an enjoyable hike with some nice people. There were 8 of us, plus Heather - the host of the walk. She has quite a bit of knowledge (but she was stumped on a couple of the plants and said she'd have to look them up.) I took about 80 pictures and will post the best ones on one of my other blogs. The walk was at Sutter's Landing Park and we walked along the American River. The drought in our area is really bad, so many of the plants that are normally in bloom, were not ... I learned quite a few new ones that I didn't know before. I ate a few elderberries for the first time and wild radish seed pods (peppery!) Had a salad with elderberry dressing and a potato salad with purslane. There were a lot of Canada Geese out on the river (took a pic!) I tried to get a pic of a little Cottontail that was about 10 feet from me, but the people behind me scared it ... :(

My mom did a lot of painting today. Some of the skirt and some of the wall.
The skirting is half done!

Aww. Teeny tiny white (or yellow) bell pepper!
And, of course, to make sure it wasn't a totally nice day ... the check engine light came on in the car on the way home! AGGGHHH. I hate cars. I must get a bus pass when I get my oil check next month!
And, I have a headache, to top it all off! Gah!

100°F! I still have a headache ...

I've pulled my last 3 listings on Listia. I decided to only list 'flat mail' items there. Nothing that won't fit in an envelope and cost one stamp. Tired of all the complainers on there ... Everything else will be listed on Bonanza and eBay or my website.

101°F! Shouldn't it be cooling off by now!?

I hate dealing with plumbing! Kitchen sink keeps clogging the past couple of days. Fighting with it again ... I might have to drag the hose inside and blow out the clean-out pipe that is in the kitchen closet ... fun ... I'll do that tomorrow if this other fix doesn't work ...

I wish I had some feverfew ...

Only one more day off before I go back to work on July 1. Off again on Friday for the holiday. I hope to get the front wall of the house painted next weekend.

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