Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

So, of course, my vacation has to end badly. Migraine ... and, major heatwave. 109°F predicted ... No painting today. But, I still have to work on the kitchen sink and my car before the heat gets too high ... Sucks. I really wanted to finish that deck-side wall!!!! :(

OK. The car needs oil and antifreeze. I have none. So, tomorrow, I'll try to get a quart of oil and I'll fill the radiator with water. Then, Thursday, I can get what I really need for it. Luckily, I should only need to work two days this week ... all local. So, if the car can't be used, I'll ride my eBike. Next week, I'm getting a bus pass! So sick of cars. I spent well over $100 on gas this month and I barely use the car 3 days a week. I didn't even put 700 miles on the car this month!

Migraine is bad. Willow bark and ice pack not helping ... at this point, work tomorrow is looking more and more unlikely ...

My mom is making tapioca. Mmmm.

Nikky had her first real meal of raw food! Ground chicken backs. She loved it. Ezra was jealous, so he got some more freeze-dried raw food. He wants more! They will have more tonight.
Licking the bowl clean!
Ugh. 101°F ... and the neighbors aren't helping my migraine with the firecrackers making Nikky bark! :(

103°F ...

I should have made sun tea today. But, I'm not going outside now. Already took Nikky out and we both wilted.

Zion National Park
Flickr user Barney Koszalka | Zion National Park, Utah

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
~ Maya Angelou

107°F ... ugh.

Down to 103°F ... Just went out to refill the birdbath it was bone dry. It had water at 11am! Damn.

I checked the Home Depot website and they have motor oil AND antifreeze. So, I'll ride my bike over there in the morning. Come home and top off the car and be on my way to work. I have my 2 weekly Davis stores I need to service and bunny greens to get at the co-op.

Headache is back to manageable and not killer migraine right now. So, I should have it kicked by tomorrow.

Headache seems gone! Just finished putting all the critters to bed. Found Little Girl settled on a new little squabbie!!! I decided last month to let the doves start nesting again. She and Big Boy lost their first clutch (the eggs weren't viable and never hatched ...) But, looks like we may have a new pair by the end of the week. These will be food for Ezra and Nikky when they are bigger. Little Boy and Squabbie have a pair of eggs they are setting, but they are not staying on them, so probably won't hatch. :(
I'm thinking of getting another unrelated pair of doves in the next couple of months for breeding. I have another cage that I just need to paint, which I will probably do next week. Sometimes I want to kick myself for not keeping my original 5 doves (which included Big Boy, Little Boy and Little Girl's parents ...) I'd love to start creating Pied doves for sale again. I used to breed doves many years ago and had many. I need to start checking Craigslist again. That's where I got my original 5 when we moved in here.

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