Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014

I am so stressed. I hate making phone calls. I don't hear well enough and I stutter when I have to do it. I had to call three offices for work to make appointments to place POP materials in them. We had this assignment a couple of months ago and I thought it was a one-off ... apparently not. I've just sent an email to my manager to not assign these to me any more. It is just not worth it for me. I have to call 2 of them back because the people I need to talk to were not there! More stress. I am not a phone person!!!!

My mom got all of the skirting painted and part of the wall done in back the past few days! I am shocked that she is sticking with this! She says she will start on the deck-side skirting tomorrow.
Just the top and middle left for me to do ...

Got fresh hummingbird food made and hung the feeders.

I've got my first Meet-Up group meeting scheduled for July. It is for the Tuleyome group that I joined. The meeting is here in Woodland. It is for new member orientation.

I was hoping to go to the Wetlands Tour tomorrow morning, but won't be able to. Gotta clean cages in the morning and then it will be too hot to do anything in the afternoon. Supposed to have a heatwave the next few days ...

What a wasted day! Called one office back and still the person is busy. So, I gave my phone number and waiting nearly 2 hours for a call back ... ugh. I do not want these projects again!

Just brought the boys in off the deck. It is getting hot out there. Just gave them a carrot (with the tops) for a late lunch.

I need to run to the mailbox to see if my oil check arrived, but still waiting on the damn phone call! Guess I'll just wait until morning and check the mailbox when I normally do ...

Still waiting ...

Look at how well some of our veggies are doing!
Not sure which these are, the signs my mom made washed off! I think this is the butternut squash, along with a few carrots doing well. And, the spaghetti squash doing not-so-good. We'll find out what they are once they fruit! Ha!
Chili peppers! These are 6 different varieties You can see 4 of them.
One of the six bell peppers is about to flower.
Several of the tomato plants are flowering.
And, this is not edible, but our asparagus fern is flowering, too!
No call back! I'm not just stressed. I'm pissed now ... wasted most of my day and I'll have to do this all over again next week! :(

I just found out there are 4 'Little Free Libary' boxes in my town! I need to go through some of my books and see which ones I want to donate. I might find some that I like, too.

I forgot to put my flag out this morning ... :( D-Day ... +70 ...

It's also Anthony Starke's birthday! #51. My green-eyed Ezra's namesake (via his character on Magnificent Seven - Ezra P. Standish.)

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