Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7, 2014

The boys are out on the deck. Supposed to get very hot, so they will be coming in right after their cages are cleaned today. Tomorrow is supposed to get to 107°F! Not looking forward to that!

I can hear Sheree thumping in his cage. He's not happy when he has to wait for his breakfast. They only got a carrot with tops this morning!

I need to go to the co-op this morning for more bunny greens since I didn't go yesterday ... hope my oil check is in the mailbox ...

I think we broke a record getting the cages done! One hour! I even got Nikky's yard cleaned up. The boys are back in and the air is on. I'm going to rest a few minutes before I head out to the mailbox and Home Depot (I need a couple of ceiling hooks to hang the egg basket ...) and the co-op ...

No check in the mail ... But, I got another nice PostCrossing postcard. This one from Germany of a wild boar piglet.

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