Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

Well, this sucks. I planned on doing some painting this morning before it gets too hot. My mom just finished. She goes out early ... the wind has come up! I didn't expect any today since we are supposed to get to 107°F! It is blowing! She was going to paint more, but the paint was drying too fast from the wind. She got a lot done this morning on the the deck-side wall, though. Maybe the wind will die down a bit by 9 for me to do some.

So ... no painting today. The hot wind is picking up even more ... oh, well. Took some pics. One of my mom's painting progress and of some wildflowers I'm going to share with the plant ID groups I'm in so I can find out what they are.
The hummingbirds love this plant.
Evening primrose is the ID ... Oenothera elata (ssp. hirsutissima or, possibly, hookeri)
Native, so it's a keeper.
This one has been ID'd as Centaurea cyanis (aka cornflower) and is not native, so it will have to go.

I'm already dreading tomorrow and working myself up to stressing ... it's weird because when I ran my own businesses (day care home and dog grooming) I had to use the phone often enough. I had to book in the dogs or the kids or whatever. And, even when I worked in the office at the shelter in Florida. Lots of phone work! But, I think it was because I know kids and I know dogs, so I was semi-comfortable doing it and could hear enough to make it work ... I don't know damn eye doctor office stuff ... :/

This day feels so wasted. We didn't even get the old TV in the car ... so, that will have to wait until next weekend ...

Gah! It's 102°F!

103°F ...

104°F ...

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