Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

Woke up to my migraine back in action at 5(!!) this morning. Grrr. This sucks!!! But, I also woke up to Big Boy and Little Girl BOTH sitting on the new squab (it is now twice the size it was last night) and the second egg is pipping!

Got everyone fed and ready for the day. Nikky is on her second day of raw food and loving it. I don't think she likes not being able to nibble on a kibble whenever she wants, though. But, she'll get used to not having food down all day. She met Lucy, the neighbor's new puppy this morning. She's getting big. Chihuahua mix. They have the mother, Sweetie, and an older sister, Pookie.

Rode my eBike to the post office to mail a swap and to Home Depot. I got the oil and antifreeze for the car and another pack of paintbrushes. Car took 2 quarts of oil and I topped off the radiator and filled the overflow with antifreeze. Car sounds alright, but the check engine light is still on ... grrr. But, I will be going to work tomorrow. The bucks have enough greens to last until then ... and, I'll be able to recover from the migraine. Head is not hurting right now ...

My mom got a lot more painting done this morning. The first three pics are the ones I forgot to add to yesterday's post!

Second little squab is still pipping. If it doesn't break out soon, I'll have to help it ...

Here's the pics of my mom's painting today ...
She's now caught up to where I stopped painting the other day.

I don't think the second squab is going to make it. I had to peel most of the shell off after he got exhausted. He's not really moving ... poor thing. But, the older one is doing really well. If the little one doesn't make it, I'll see if Ezra wants it. If not, it's Nikky's!

Nikky ate the baby squab that didn't survive! Took some coaxing and I think she was still full from her lunch of ground chicken.

Headache is gone. Feeling much better.

Seems to have 'only' got up to 95°F today. Still too hot for me, but not the crazy hot from yesterday.

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