Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014

I didn't even get around to posting a blog yesterday ... I'm sure you didn't miss it! ha! Last night I watched another Anthony Starke movie. He was sooo cute - still is! I watched 18 Again! George Burns! That was a fun movie.

I just got done with today's painting. I got the little brick box walls finished and also painted the numbers and flag holder and put them back up. My mom got half of the lower wall done in the front above the big brick box. The green is almost gone!!!
Tomorrow is cage-cleaning day, so won't get much done outside. My mom says she wants to finish painting the other half of the wall. Sunday, I'll be taking all of the stray nails out of the front and also removing the shutters. My mom will be painting those during the week.

I'm having a yummy banana/blueberry/strawberry raw milk kefir smoothie for lunch. Mmmmm.

Fresh batch of raw milk kefir started and 2 jugs of sun tea done. One is Yogi DeTox/Choice Ginger mix; the other is London Fruit & Herb Strawberry & Vanilla Fool.

Just finished making my first batch of water kefir. It's been on top of one of my fridges for too long. I kept putting off making the second ferment for various dumb reasons ... just lazy! But, the grains seem to have survived. I have a second ferment of blackberry and a new batch on the fridge. I also made some blackberry kombucha second ferment. I only drained about half of the continuous brew, so won't have to make a new batch until next week.

I just watched Abbott & Costello Hit the Ice. That was fun.

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