Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12, 2014

Almost time to start my day. Although I already got roped into helping my mom into the brick box, so she can get the wall painted ...

Need to get cages cleaned, critters fed and watered, laundry done, vacuuming done, floor scrubbed ... all before lunch. Then, after lunch, to the mailbox and the library (to pick up a book I ordered ...)

The rest of the day I hope to get more stuff listed on the local Facebook 'for sale' groups. I've found 8, so far. I've just listed one thing in one group this morning, to test the waters ...

My mom is done with her painting, other than touch-ups she wants to do tomorrow. I got all my cleaning done. I'm going to make a smoothie and then go to the library.
Picked up the book at the library. It's Laurien Berenson's Dog Eat Dog - the next in the series I am reading. I just have a couple of chapters left on Underdog.

Came home and brought the bucks back inside; fed all the critters lunch. Then, watched 18 Again! again. My mom hadn't seen it.

Yay! I sold all my cassette tapes on eBay!

Yay! Sold the bras!

Must get more stuff listed. I have thousands more things I don't need or want.

I have a bunch of stuff lined up to list, but it's too dark in here to take good pics, now. So, will have to get them done tomorrow. Metal picture frame, amber dropper bottles, some books, insulated cup, computer part, etc. for the 'sale' groups. Ear plugs, some books, magazines for the freecycle groups.

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