Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014

Busy morning. I had to run to the BelAir market around the corner. I forgot to get potato starch the other day and my mom was complaining that we were out. So, I got that and some pork chops to make for lunch. Came home and got all the nails out of the front wall. Then, got the ladder out and set up so I could get the shutters down. Man, talk about cheap crap! I wish I had the money to replace them! They are plastic! I thought they were wood! I am disappointed! One of them has a cracked slat I will have to fix before my mom paints them next week. Found the original color of the trailer. Dark brown! The screw heads were really stripped, so I had a heck of a time getting some of them out. When I was done, I ran to Home Depot and got replacement screws. I just have to spray paint them black. The shutters are going to be the same reddish color as the trim, but the screw-heads will be black.
So. Next weekend, my project is to paint above and beside the windows. My mom is going to do under the windows as far as she can reach. Then, we'll go around the whole house and do touch-ups before I tackle the trim. Once that is all done, I will finally get to finishing the project of re-doing the caulk around all the windows & doors and replacing all the screws around them and then paint around them. I know that should have all been done first, but I was tired of the nagging about getting the painting done, etc. So, all the house will hopefully be done by September. Thirteen months after I started this project ... After that will be the little things, like replacing all of the light fixtures to a matched set; replacing the stair rail; and a long list of other things that aren't a rush.

Now, to make lunch and then get to listing some more things online!

AAAARRRGGHH!!!!! And, in an effort to never allow my toe to heal ... I just jammed it on one of the wheels of my office chair ... I repeat ... AAAARRRGGHH!!!!!

Pork chops for lunch. Cut some off for Nikky and Ezra. They BOTH liked it! Ezra is getting on the raw food bandwagon slowly, but surely.  Then, fried the rest in butter with some lemon/pepper seasoning for me and my mom. I'm also having my first bottle of homemade water kefir. I definitely left it too long on the first ferment! Even adding the blackberry for the second ferment didn't help. So, I added some lemon simple sugar to sweeten it. That helped some. But, next time I certainly won't leave it so long!

I almost wish my foot was numb ... but, that would just cause more problems ... :(

OK. I'm not accomplishing much today. Brought the bucks in. They had a couple of grapes for a lunch treat. And ... I cleaned up my desktop of all the loose files, etc. cluttering up the screen so I could play in this:

I'm getting a headache. My mom wanted to listen to music that is on my computer, so I put on some John Denver and now John Barrowman. I LOOOOVE their music. But, it is blasting so she can hear it! And, my speakers are a foot away from my ears ... I still haven't listed anything ...

Fresh hummingbird nectar made.

Phew! Just listed a few things in multiple groups, so hopefully these will move this week.

Free insulated plastic mug. New, never used. (Ruler not included.)
Local pick-up (Woodland.)

Having some blackberry kombucha on ice. Mmmm. Much better than the water kefir! I need to work on that!

Free eBook:
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Kate Harper
It's still 101°F ...

Reading a couple of chapters in Dog Eat Dog.

Time to get all my paperwork sorted for tomorrow ... damn work ...
I hate the new layout of my work page. It's far too cluttered and I can't easily find my stores without scrolling down a mile! Ugh. I hate change ...

Finally. It dropped down to 98°F ... ugh.
Black Bird
Flickr user Sam McMillan | Morro Bay State Park, California

Paint the flying spirit of the bird rather than its feathers.
~ Robert Henri

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Flickr user Spencer Sandy Kirkner | Prince William Sound, Alaska

The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Every act of perception, is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination.
Oliver Sacks

All the critters are in bed, including my mom. Yay! haha! I'm going to watch an old episode of The Flash that Anthony Starke was in back in 1990.

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