Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014

I had a frustrating work day. Thank goodness it is over!

But, my little Nikky tackled her first raw chicken leg and won! She ate half of it! She is 10 lbs. and gets about 3 ounces of raw food a day. I think she got a little more today. So, tomorrow, I'll have to cut back a bit as she'll be having the other half of the leg for dinner.
My little wolf!
If only I could get my mom's negative attitude adjusted about what Ezra will and will not eat ... her negativity just bleeds all over what I try to feed him. 'Oh, he won't like that ... he won't eat that ... yadda, yadda ...' Frustrating ... At least we've got him onto freeze-dried raw. He LOVES that, regardless of what she keeps saying. And, he loves raw milk. No more kibble crap and no more canned crap for my babies!

If only I could get the doves to eat foods other than packaged seed mixes ... all my babies would be on their natural foods. But, everything I try them on, they poop on and ignore ... even the new dovelet ... at least I got them to use sticks and Bermuda grass to make their nests now ... I'll keep trying non-packaged foods, too.

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