Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19, 2014

I'm wore out. Got all the cages cleaned, critters fed, floors done. Did a little extra cleaning, too, so just got finished with all that in time to feed everyone lunch ... ugh. Still need to clean the dog yard, too. Second load of laundry is washing ... And, the hummers need fresh nectar! Later, I need to refresh the kombucha and bottle some for a second ferment. I'm having a raw kefir smoothie for lunch, so need to make a new batch of milk kefir, too ... never-ending stuff to do ...

Oh, I gave Ezra some pork chunks and ground turkey (same as Nikky) with very little freeze-dried turkey on it. He ate half of it! He even 'shook' a chunk of pork! Progress!

Gah. Almost time for Ezra to get his YEARLY rabies shot. Ugh. Wish they were still 3-year shots like for dogs ... I'll be taking him to the Tractor Supply down the road on August 2. VIP Pet Care Clinic.

What a lazy afternoon ... my bad shoulder is bothering me ... need to ice it. I really should be listing some things online ... just don't feel like it. Going to read. I just put in a request at my library for the next Laurien Berenson book, Hair of the Dog. I'm half-done with Dog Eat Dog, so hopefully, it will be in soon (coming from another library ...)

Finished that book. Guess I'll finish reading Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy next ...

Oh, wow! I just found the rest of the Laurien Berenson's books on the Internet Archive's Open Library! Yay!

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