Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

It's been a nice day. I woke to the sound of rain on the carport awning. I went out and stood in it for a while. It was nice. Didn't last long, though ... I got sprinkled on later in the morning when I was in Davis, too.
I got my 2 weekly Davis stores serviced and also went to the co-op and got bunny greens. Plus, put in a request for them to start carrying Sun Cups. I loooove them. They are little chocolate/sunflower seed butter cups. And, they have none of the extra crap ingredients of those 'other' cups.

Well, my mom wants to keep the Dovelet ... Now, I need to get another flight cage and find a dove with some other bloodlines. I don't want mine to get too inbred (they already are, really ...) I want to add color, so really want to find a brown or pied Ringneck. But, that will have to wait until I figure out this one's gender ... I'd love to get some Diamond doves and quail, too ... but, know I can't ... I don't have room to put in a cage with enough floor space for the quail.
I've also decided that I am going to start raising mice and/or hamsters again. I haven't for 25 years, so need to be picky and slowly stock up on cages, etc. first. I need to get rid of some of the excess furniture around here, too, so I have room for shelves for the cages. I'm going to get more rolling shelves like I have the doves' cages on. I'll be breeding them for pet sales, feeder sales and for food for Nikky & Ezra. If I breed any exceptional ones, they'll be kept back until I have some really good show specimens, too. I used to have quite a few champion rodents and was really into color breeding back in the '80s. I miss that ... I still have all my books, etc. on color genetics ... Other than the cages and initial stock, they will be free to upkeep. I shred all the paper I will need for their trays and their food will be foraged or from the co-op (free bunny greens ...) and other free foodsources.

I also want to get 2 rabbit does ... but, still not decided about that since I am so limited on space for more large cages inside until I get rid of some of the furniture ... plus, the bucks are already at their prime breeding age ... :/

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