Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014

I didn't work today. So, I finally tore the old wooden console TV apart. My mom wants to use the cabinet for something ... So, the tube and all the wiring, etc. is in the car to be taken to recycling tomorrow. I also finally hammered in the stake to help support the lemon tree.
I made fresh hummingbird nectar and milk kefir.
Now, I am listing stuff ...
Auction: 10 Bread Clips for crafts - used
Auction: 10 Tea Bag Covers, plus 10 tea tags - for crafts - USED
Auction: 10 various used US stamps
Auction: 10 various used US stamps
Auction: 10 various US stamps - used
Auction: 10 various US stamps - used
Auction: 10 various used US stamps!

We will have a new addition to the critter family tomorrow! I'll be picking it up between store visits. So, lots of traveling tomorrow. Just talked to the lady on the phone.

Tomorrow will be a looooong day! Go to the farm in Yolo for milk; bring it home; go to Dixon to do a big project; then to the co-op in Davis; then to Sacramento to recycle the TV parts and to pick up the dove; bring it home; then service 2 stores in Woodland ... in between all that is get gas for the car, pay bills, buy food ...

I need to clean up one of my old cages, as the little one I bought earlier this month will not be big enough long-term. I will use it tomorrow as a travel cage, though.

Watching Hot In Cleveland for the first time. Chris Colfer is in it tonight. Funny! Love Betty White, and Tim Daly, but doubt I will watch again.

Field of Flowers
Flickr user John Behrends | North Plains, Oregon

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
~ Lady Bird Johnson

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