Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

Good day, so far. Went to the farm and the 2 youngest girls helped me get the milk and eggs (their parents had walked over to their grandpa's property.) Took that home, then got gas and some hay and millet sprays at the pet shop. I got to my store and they had already done the reset! I just had to make a few adjustments and fix a couple of things. That was nice. Stopped at the Goodwill down the street from there that is packing up to move to a new location. Everything was discounted! I found a big cage and a reptile tank! $15 for both! Sold! I will be getting hamsters for the tank (gave my mom the choice of mice or hamsters ...) The cage will be used for the doves until I can get a nicer flight cage. Then, it will also be for hamsters. After that, I went to the co-op for a few groceries and free bunny greens. I called the lady with the dove from there to make sure she was home and headed to Sacramento. I am in love with this little dove! It's a tufted Ringneck! Not very common mutation. I'm trying to figure out the color, as it is not quite wild-type. I've been studying the dove genetics page since I got home. And, I realized that my white doves are not actually white! Genetically they are Clear Whites (they have orange eyes) and Black-eyed (aka Bull-eyed) Whites ... Wish I could find some better pics to compare to the new baby to figure out the actual color.
Here's pics of the new baby! Ezra is checking things out. See the cute little tuft of feathers on the forehead!

Meet Paloma! (Spanish for dove ...) Nickname will be Pal!

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