Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26, 2014

Finally taking some time to blog.
We re-arranged some furniture (again) after I cleaned cages.
I actually re-modeled the 2 big dove cages. I took the grill floors out. They are hard to keep clean and the doves always waste so much seed because they couldn't get to what they threw out of their cups onto their floor. Now, they can. I already noticed a difference tonight. Hardly any seeds on their floor/tray because they are going down to get the seeds.
I did a 'vent' check on Dovelet and Paloma. I won't be positive until they are older and I can observe their behavior. But, I think Dovelet is male and Paloma is female! Yay! Hope I am right. Next week, I'll be setting up the new cage and moving them into it. Dovelet is starting to eat from the seed cup, but Little Girl and Big Boy are still feeding him, too.
And, we moved the doves into the living room ... I'm not really happy about that. But, until I get rid of some of our excess furniture, it will do.
I nearly ran out of gas yesterday. I put $25 of gas in the tank on Thursday! I should not have had the low gas light come on yesterday as I was pulling into the mobile home park! The car is a gas hog! I have $10 I can put in the tank on Monday or I can get a daily bus pass for $6 so I can get some stores done in Davis ... not sure which to do, yet ... either way, Tues. & Wed. I will be staying home. I don't have enough cash in my PayPal to transfer, either. Hopefully, I can fill the tank up on Thursday ...

I have a couple more things I've put up for sale at all the local FaceBook groups.

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