Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Yay! The heatwave broke. It only got to 98°! But, more 100s are still predicted.

I just sold the Glen Campbell decanter on eBay! Gotta package it up good tomorrow and ship on Wed. morning. I've got a few more decanters to get listed in the future.

I got 3 stores serviced in Davis today. Stopped at the co-op and they had no bunny greens, so I'll have to go again tomorrow after I service 2 stores in Davis. Then, I will be off on Wed.

I took the shelves apart that the doves' cages are on and made 2 separate units so I could fit the 3 cages and the hamster-to-be tank on them. Too dark in here to take a picture ...

I finished Laurien Berenson's Watchdog and have now started reading Hush Puppy. These are such fun books! Makes me miss dog shows!

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