Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 29-30, 2014

July 29

Ezra ate raw ground lamb with a bit of freeze-dried raw liver on top. TWO spoonfuls! My mom was outside. ;) Ha! I should have taken a picture! He was 'shaking' his prey! It's going slow, but he is wanting this food now!

July 30

Well, I didn't get much blogging done yesterday! I read most of the day after I got home from work. I did get the doves moved back to the dove room, though! I need to stop at Home Depot and get 4 more wheels for the shelves, too.

I decided to work today. I have one store here in Woodland that I have enough gas to get to. I could ride my bike, too, but it's going to be way too hot later ...

I have to stop at the post office, too. Shipping the decanter that was bought on eBay. Also have to stop at the library to return a book.

I got the store serviced, stopped at the post office and the library. Did not stop at Home Depot. Might do that tomorrow.

Have another load of laundry in the dryer.

My mom has 2 of the shutters painted and the other 2 need another coat. So, she will be done with those by the weekend, it looks like.

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