Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

I had a heck of a time getting back in the working mood this week! I only got 1 store serviced today. I went to the farm for milk and eggs this morning; took them home; went and got gas; stopped at the pet shop for the freeze-dried raw food that Ezra likes and hay for the bucks; I also found a small bird cage in the discount bin for $5 (it will be my fattening cage for the squabs); then off to pay a bill and to work ... like I said, I only did one store. I had planned to do 4! Ugh. I'll get to them on Monday. I found a couple of Indian markets not far from home (bike-riding distance) and found some yummy stuff! I found goat! I don't think I've ever had goat meat. I've had goat milk and cheese and kefir. All good. So, I got some ground goat meat to try. They also had goat meat (not ground) and lamb! I found some yummy little pastries that have no wheat. They are all real food ingredients - mostly ghee, coconut and nuts. I will definitely shop there again. They had so many spices that we use in big bags. And, dates. And, lentils. Mmm.
I want to find some Asian and Russian markets locally, too. I know there are some in West Sacramento, but hoping there is something here in Woodland or Davis. I want to find more variety in meats than I usually find.

My mom didn't paint today. She just rearraged the deck some more to fit more of the veggie bins. There are 3 more that need to come up from the yard, but she couldn't lift them. So, I'll do that before I remove the stair railing and start painting tomorrow.

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