Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

I hope you all are having a great Independence Day ... wouldn't it be nice if we all really were independent?! We're actually not. It's all a fa├žade! Great marketing, huh? ;)

I had a busy morning. Put the flag out. Rolled the bucks out to the deck for some fresh air and sunshine. Moved the struggling potted patio rose bush from the carport over to the deck. Pulled the last 3 bins of veggies up onto the deck that my mom couldn't move. Removed the old stair rails from the front steps so my mom can finish painting that area tomorrow. I painted the rest of the upper deck-side wall. Brought the bucks back inside as it was getting too hot for them. Set up the barbecue. Resting now.
There were crappy aluminum rails on either side of the steps. Gone now. I will be adding a wrought iron rail to the right side wall next month.
It was hard reaching the middle above the window!
 I'll be starting the barbecue in about an hour. Before the neighbors get started with all their noise ... and smoking ... ugh. I'm barbecuing pork tenderloins along with 'baked' potatoes with butter in the little cast iron dutch oven.

Nikky is doing really well with the raw food. Ezra is also loving the freeze-dried raw. He still won't touch actual raw food. We'll get there, though. I hope to eventually get them totally on prey-model, which is eating whole birds, mice, etc. My goal is to finish out the deck by next year and have a small flight cage for the doves like I used to have in Florida when I raised them before. I'm going to build it and it will have wheels and be able to roll through the sliding door like the rabbits' cages. I can't leave them out overnights. I want to have at least 5 breeding pair. I still want to kick myself for selling the older doves a couple years ago ...

I am stuffed!
Nikky had a small piece of the raw pork tenderloin with her ground raw chicken backs for dinner. Gobbled it up!

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