Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014

I just broke my toe ... even made it bleed. Toe next to my little toe on the left foot. Can't put weight on it. Icing it right now. Luckily, I was just finishing getting all the critters up and fed. I had just topped off the water on the fish tank and tripped on the coffee table. Landed in the recliner, so didn't break the glass water jug ... it's good I'm not painting today. I can't stand on the ladder. Probably can't put a shoe on ... still have to work on the A/C, though ... First time this toe has been broken. Usually break the little one on the right foot ... the foot that was broken when my mom dropped the ladder on it last month ... so, I'm hobbling more than ever, now. Luckily, the right foot is nearly recovered ...

Check out my little carnivore!
That chicken wing didn't stand a chance!
I need to make more nectar for the hummers, but can't stand up. May not be able to work on the A/C ... Have to rest my foot so I can work this week ... Can't tape it to the other toe, yet ... ugh. Can't even get to my bathroom for the willow bark and arnica gel!

Done with the A/C. I am good. Only took about 25 minutes to change out both parts! And, everything works. Power is back on. Going to rest for a few and then start listing a few things online after I make fresh hummer nectar ...

Hummers fed. Nikky's food portioned into bowls for 3 days of meals. One ounce per bowl. Let the listings begin!

My toe is looking worse. The bruise is getting darker. Still can't touch it to wrap it to the next toe ...
 Decided to get my cane out of the closet. I keep stepping down too much and it hurts, so the cane will help. Toe has swelled double in size and skin is very tight. Owwww.

 Smoothie for lunch. Blackberry/strawberry/banana/cacao raw kefir smoothie.

Getting things listed on my blog. Tomorrow, I'll list them on several local FaceBook groups. You can find them under the Yard Sale tag on my QuinGem's Creations blog.

Flickr user Gary Powell | Molasses Reef, Florida Keys

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.
~ Woodrow Wilson
I might lose my nail. Most of the pain is at the nail bed and first joint ... I was finally able to tape it to the middle toe after I took this pic.

Dinner. Cornish Game bird and dates and raw milk with potato starch.
The little squab is 6 days old and eyes opened this morning.
Three more weeks and it's food for Nikky or Ezra.

Listening to the Daniel Vitalis interviews I tried to hear yesterday. Might get through them now.

I am so dreading work this week. My foot is just throbbing. One tiny bone is injured and the whole foot gets out of whack!  :(

Critters are all in bed. I'm going to watch The Birds before I go to bed.

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