Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014

Ugh. Sweltering! It got to 107°F today. It's only gone down 3 degrees since it peaked. My car's external temp read 112°F when I was driving earlier ... I know the car A/C wasn't really cooling well.

I may have found a doe rabbit! I am traveling up to Biggs next Thursday to check and hopefully bring one home. The lady is not sure if any of the babies are female. They are purebred Harlequins! My first rabbit, Coney was a Harlequin cross, and I've had Harlequin Rexes, too. I can't wait to see them! I really hope there is a female in the litter!

I've got to do something about the carport door. Apparently, it has been open since I came home around 4! Thank goodness, Ezra hadn't noticed or I would be out in the heat hunting for a cat that is sneaky but not street-smart! He's been asleep under the table where my mom is making a puzzle for hours, though. I guess Sheriff was tired of the heat coming inside, so he started thumping and I went to see what he was up to and saw the door open ... it has been giving me problems shutting lately, but it had never come open like this. It is a metal door, so it shouldn't be warping like a wooden one would ...

Tomorrow, I will be cleaning cages late. Ezra is due for his yearly rabies shot. Fun. Hoping to get done before it gets too hot.

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