Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014

Resting and having a blueberry/strawberry/banana smoothie for lunch.
I finished painting the front wall of the house!! Yay! Tomorrow, I'll put the shutters back up! And, next weekend, I start painting the trim!

It's a really nice day outside today. The bucks and Summer are still out on the deck. Once it hits 85°F I'll bring them in. Three more degrees to go.

Crap. My mom doesn't like Summer's name ... grrr. She says she wants to name her since I named the boys ... ugh. She has a very short memory about that. She named them both after much arguing. I just adapted Sheriff's name from Sheri when he turned out to be a buck. Lorelei. No. Kayla. No.

Meghan. No. Now she is pissed off because I don't like the names she's coming up with ... Well, actually, I like Kayla, but we had a dog named Kala (pronounced the same) before ... she was Quinn and Gemini's older litter sister and the one we were originally going to keep ... anyway ... I guess I will agree to Kayla to make her happy ... But, it will really be Precious Kayla Summer Solstice! Ha!

I posted a couple of things on the local FaceBook yard sale sites. Have some little plastic cups that are going to a new home tomorrow. They were freebies. Hoping to actually SELL some things, but ... at least these will be gone.

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