Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

I did it! Shutters are up. Next week, I start painting the trim!
This sucks. There are storm warnings for dry lightning in all the counties around me, but not here in Yolo County. Weird. Need rain all around!

I just sold the plastic drawers on wheels! Yay! Hated those things. And, my oil check arrived! Now, I have some gas money!

Wow. Robin Williams is dead. What a loss.

Annnd, my mom is bitching about her NuWave oven. It is cracking. I told her that was one of the biggest complaints on all the review sites before she got it ... Have we even had the damn thing a year? Huh.

Ezra did great! He ate raw fish. He loved it. He also begged for freeze-dried raw liver! Nikky ate some raw fish, too, but wasn't really thrilled. She loves the liver, too. But, I only give that once or twice a week.

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