Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12, 2014

I did something incredibly stupid today. I actually needed Nikky to help me solve the problem. I decided to get another hamster today. I was stupid by not taking my carrier with me ... So, I went to get a pound of millet sprays from someone in Rio Linda I contacted online. From there, I headed to West Sac to service a store. Then, I checked the new PetCo there and they really need to educate their employees. I couldn't even get an answer on the price (there wasn't one on the display ...) So, I went back to the pet shop that's been there forever - Wild West Feed (I always shopped there when Quinn and Gemini were pups and even before that!) I had stopped there last week, but he only had Dwarf Hamsters in, but was expecting Syrians in a few days. Well, he got 3 in. And, they were all pretty. I picked the broken banded Cinnamon with bright red eyes (which may become a darker red as she matures.) Gorgeous. The pics I just took are blurry, but I'll try to get better pics tomorrow. Anyway, she was put in a typical pet shop cardboard box ... I had one more stop to make on the way home ... the Co-op in Davis for bunny greens ... I DID bring ice packs that were still cold. I put them in the cubby in my console and put the box in there and closed the lid 'almost' all the way. I opened the car windows and ran inside to get the greens. You guessed it. Speedy Chewer opened up TWO huge holes in the side of the box and escaped. I knew she was still in the car. So home I went! I got food and water for her and waited. I could not see her anywhere. I thought I heard her under one of the seats, but my hearing isn't the greatest. So. I put Nikky in the car! I first had her sniff the box and then the console. She went nuts trying to dig out the back of the console. So, I put her back in the house and just sat in the car for a few. Out comes the little miss from under the front part of the console by the underneath of the dashboard. She sees me reaching and runs back under. But, now I know where she is! So, I popped off the back of the console and the top (where the gear shift and handbrake are - & I found money!) But, after much banging and lid-slamming, she came into view and I snagged her! So, she is safe and has a small grease spot on her forehead & I have .22¢! Haha!
Meet Cassia! She's about half-grown.
The pics are too dark, but she is a pretty light cinnamon color with a white band.

You can't see her eye color in this pic, but they are red.
Now, I just need to find a male that I like. I think I forgot to mention that Zihna is a broken banded Sable in color.
I love color genetics!

Another acting legend has died. Lauren Bacall. :(

I just found my male hamster! He'll be coming from Redding next week! He's a gorgeous broken banded black-eyed cream Teddy with VERY long hair. Can't wait to get him. He's going to be delivered! With tank and accessories for $15! I made arrangements with a local gal that travels up that way a couple times a week. Here's a pic of him:
I'm thrilled about this. None of them will be closely related!

I'm off tomorrow. I'm going to start taking Wednesdays off so I can clean cages twice a week. I had started doing that earlier in the year before work got crazy. But, I have to be able to keep everyone clean and healthy. So, I'll still have four days a week to work, just switching out the days off a bit.

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