Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014

Cages and cleaning done! Hatchling #2 finished pipping at 8:30 this morning. Both look good.
Both parents in the nest with the kids.
Just got a message that my new hamster has been transferred to his transportation. So, I'll be seeing him tonight, as scheduled.

Damian has arrived! He's pretty! Broken Banded Black-eyed Cream Teddy (possibly Angora ...) I'm leaving his sawdust bedding until Wednesday cleaning day. He won't have to have that again. With his long hair, that is not a good bedding. He's got a lot of tangles I need to comb out.
Nikky is enthralled!
He's very active.
Don't know why he has cotton in his bedding ... odd.
Real food!
I spilled milk in my keyboard ... messy. Have to take it apart now ...

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