Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014

I am tired! Just finished cleaning cages and feeding all the critters. Took some extra time as I let the doves out to fly, and then let the hamsters roll in the ball while each of their tanks were scrubbed. I don't think Damian's had ever been scrubbed! Ick. They all have nice, clean, shredded paper, now.

Still need to feed the hummers and scrub the birdbath outside.

Smoothie for lunch!! Mixed berries & banana raw milk smoothie. I also put in raw cacao, hemp seeds, raw maca powder, cinnamon, maple syrup, molasses, gelatin and cashew butter. SOOO good!

Well, I got everything done except the birdbath that I'd planned today.

Dinner was broiled ground lamb wrapped in bacon; salad; raw milk with potato starch.
#1 Baby Dove's eyes have opened. He's getting huge.

Kayla says, 'Hey!'
Reading the 8th Laurien Berenson book, Once Bitten.

Well, that sucks. No Criminal Minds tonight ... :(

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