Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014

Busy morning. I rode my bike to the mailbox (sans battery! haha!) Getting ready for the yearly yard sale this weekend. My mom and I cleaned the driveway (she swept, I pulled spotted spurge weeds that the critters can't eat.) I set up all my tables. I finished pricing all the stuff and piled it in the laundry room hallway. I just finished advertising in the local selling groups I'm in.

Cleaning the washing machine finally! I used the homemade soft scrub I made last month for the inside of the lid and the lip of the tub. Worked great. Now, I am using this recipe: Washing Machine Cleaning Recipe
I have it soaking right now. Hope it gets some of the crud off! When you have at least one load EVERY day of pet blankets, it gets really bad! And, I keep telling my mom to leave the lid open so it won't get smelly, but she's always closing it! I used tea tree oil. I can't do eucalyptus ...

That recipe did pretty well for the washing machine. Got the smell out. I'll have to do that regularly. Maybe once a month.
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ne Cleaning Recipe

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