Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014

Well, despite doing something to my bad shoulder, I did get some painting done. It wasn't easy, since I can't move my arm forward or sideways. If I could paint backwards, it would've been fine! Ha! It feels like the tip of the clavicle is pinching a nerve in front of my coracoid (tip of the shoulder) or possibly one of the ligaments is tearing ... Fun! Just like when I tore the rotator cuff, I hadn't even been doing anything when it happened! Anyway, the front eave trim is done, but I can't reach all of the awning front trim. That will have to wait until I get on the roof later on.

I met the neighbors' bunnies this morning. Oreo (black and white Dutch doe) and Dakota (broken Harlequin Rex buck.) The buck is gorgeous! They will be having babies in a month ... Martin didn't know not to pen them together! Ugh. I may end up with at least some of them. Their dogs have already been trying to get into the pen ...

I've had my rabbits out on the deck all day. It's still nice out there. But, it is now 88°F, so I'll bring them in after I finish my smoothie.

Nikky and Ezra both love dried lamb lungs! It's hard to find a good variety of organs for them to try. I've contacted the company that makes them to find out if they are freeze-dried or dehydrated. It doesn't say on the package or on their website.

Now ... both shoulders are hurting! I have no idea what I did to cause this ... annoying.

There are a lot of flakes on FreeCycle. Waiting for someone to pick up the hamster wheel that came with Damian. I don't like it, so getting rid of it. But, it's nearly 3 and no-show, so far. This happened with some other stuff last week, too. I ended up just taking to GoodWill ... :(

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