Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7, 2014

We has new babies! A bunny and a hamster! Nikky is beside herself with curiosity! Ezra couldn't care less! Ha!
This little purebred Harlequin doe is almost 7 weeks old. She is learning to eat some chard (but there are some Sherwood Forest pellets to help her transition to real food.)
Hamster Selfie and Chihuahua Photo-bomb!
This little girl is a Teddy cross. She has medium-length hair and long whisps of hair behind her ears. And, yes, she has some notches in one of her ears.
The markings on her back. You can almost see a 'Z'. I may have to give her a name that begins with 'z'. Hmmmm.

So, it's been a very long day! First, I went to Yolo to the farm to get milk and eggs. Brought them home. Stopped at the pet shop around the corner for hay and saw they had some hamsters in (the owners' daughters raise them.) I told him I might be back later. Then, I got gas. Went to Davis to the co-op for free bunny greens and some other food. Then, off to Biggs! This is a very tiny town. One of those 'blink and you miss it' types. It was about an 85-mile trip since I cut through Sacramento from Davis (the trip home was only about 60 miles since I didn't have to cut through Sacramento and Davis.) Anyway, got to Biggs and met the bunnies. There were 3 babies and I was really hoping for a doe. My eyesight is not the best, and baby bunnies have very tiny parts! haha! But, it looked like 1 girl and 2 boys to me. So, I bought the probable girl! I decided to stop at the pet shop on the way home and see if they would double-check the sex for me. And, I was right! Yay! I looked at the hamster I liked again and went ahead and got her, too. Now, to decide on names!

Here are some pics from the ad I saw about the bunny last week. The bunnies all took after mama, with the Japanese coloring. Magpies are shades of black and white with no orange.
Mama rabbit (Japanese Harlequin)

Daddy rabbit (Magpie Harlequin)
Two brother rabbits. And, mama.
My baby (center) has her head in the bowl.
Just contacted the breeder to double-check on the birthdate of the bunny. June 23. So, even though it was a couple of day before ... I'm naming her Precious Summer Solstice! (Precious has always been the pre-fix on all of my critters that I've bred. Precious Kennel, Precious Rabbitry, etc.)
And, the hamster is Precious Zihna. Hopi Indian for 'spins'.  Not sure if that means spins as in spinning yarn or spinning around! But, either way, kind of fits her!

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