Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9, 2014

Yesterday seemed like a very looooong day. But, I am off until Tuesday! I've got all the bunnies out on the deck for the morning. Cleaning starts at 9.

Not bad, even with the extra critters, the cages are clean and everyone is fed. Still have to do the floor and cabinets and move everyone into the 'doves' room', which may need a new name! Haha! Nikky is still nuts ... Dovelet has moved in with Paloma and they seem to be doing fine. I had to take him out of his parents' cage because Big Boy and Little Girl already have 2 eggs they are setting! I didn't know! I hadn't checked recently! So, not sure when they are due to hatch! I need to candle them, but will wait until later.

I have to move a big heavy tallboy cabinet out of the 'doves' room' and into my office area to make room for the rabbits. I need to lay down plastic drop-cloths over the rug first. Not sure how this will work as far as being able to clean, but we will see. And, at least the drop-cloths are cheap ($ Tree) and big.

Summer was a little scared of the vacuum, so I made my mom hold her while her cage was cleaned. She'll get used to the noise soon and ignore it like the bucks do. I vacuum their cages with them inside with no problem.

Zihna was annoyed that I scraped a large part of her bedding out, but was thrilled when I poured a whole shredder-ful of fresh bedding that gave her about 3 inches to burrow in. Then, she organized her bedroom corner and went back to sleep for the day! Ha!
Zihna is loving her deep bedding.
Summer is looking for more veggies!
Ezra is supervising.
Paloma and Dovelet.
Nikky really wants Zihna to be down lower so she can see her!
Big Boy is sitting on the nest with the new eggs while Little Girl perches.
Little Boy is nesting, but he and Squabbie have no eggs.
Sheriff is resting while the crazy humans rearrange furniture. Love when he sprawls out.
Robin probably wishes we would all settle down so he can sleep.

I am worn out and still not done rearranging everything. Nikky keeps getting in the way. She is beside herself trying to get to Summer and Zihna.

Having a yummy blueberry/strawberry/banana smoothie for a late lunch. We lost track of time! Still more to do.

Done for the day. Can't do no more!!
The bucks and Summer are across from the big sliding glass door, so now they will get more natural light. Unlike the dark kitchen they were in. The metal cabinet that Summer is on is over 100 years old. It was my grandparents'.
The corner to the left of the older doves will have the fish tank after my mom cleans it. The fish are in a big jar on the counter right now.
The younger doves are across from the older doves, in front of the big sliding glass door. Zihna is off to the side, so the bright light won't bother her too much. I have 2 more big aquariums that will be moved in beside Zihna's when we get more hamsters.
I showed my mom the flight cage I want to build for the doves next year. She said she wants it bigger! And, we are discussing chickens. Something I had thought about, but didn't think she would be interested! I had been thinking of a couple of bantam hens or some quail for the bottom of the dove flight ... So, we may do that next year. We'll see. It will be after I get the floor done in that room, anyway.

OK. After doing some searches, I have decided on Coturnix quail. Don't like most of the small chicken breeds, plus would not be able to breed them without a rooster! Kind of defeats the purpose for me. Quail are quiet, in comparison. And, I have found several cages I can easily build, in addition to the flight cage I already have plans for. I just need to decide about the floors of the cages so that they are easily cleaned. Most likely will be tiled in some way. Will be looking into prices for the parts soon. I'll get a few parts at a time as I have a little extra money.

But, first thing is that I will be getting the other 2 hamsters I need next week. I need another female and a male and will be starting the breeding soon after that After at least a week of quarantine.

Nikky is being such a bad girl. She climbed up on the table that Zihna is on! Now, I have her blocked in my office with me driving me nuts. She will not settle down and get used to the new babies this time. Maybe tomorrow ...

The neighborhood kids are being so noisy this evening. Can't wait for the cooler weather to keep them inside! ;)

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