Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Delivered the Ab-Doer to its new owner. Yay! $25 and more floor space in my bedroom! Need to get some more things listed on the local selling pages.

No painting today. Too breezy since I have to be up on the ladder. My mom got more of the painting done on the doors, though.

Making gluten-free flatbread. I topped it with rosemary and garlic salt.

Well, good. The gal is finally coming for the hamster wheel.

Finished flatbread.

Well, I really need to get some more parchment paper for baking. Foil was not a good idea for the flatbread. The center wouldn't cook. I had it in the oven for nearly an hour. I had to cover it, so it wouldn't burn, too. The outer edge cooked and it was yummy. But, the center ... ew. So, I will try it again another time.

Yuck. It got to 101°F. today! It's only gone down one degree ...

Shredded chicken hearts and gizzards for Nikky and Ezra's dinner. They don't like them whole. I think it is the thick membrane on the gizzards. Nikky enjoyed it. Ezra didn't even look at it! Picky little shit. He is on a beef kick, lately. He only wants to eat the beef mixture that the co-op grinds (it has the muscle meat, organs and bones ground together.) But, he needs a variety. He may decide to eat only turkey next week, though! At least we are past the only wanting to eat the expensive freeze-dried food. Mainly because we are out of that and my mom finally realizes that he will eat the meat and he won't starve if he skips a meal-time.

I got a bunch of things listed on Listia. My usual rubber bands, bread clips and tea bag covers/tags. They're odd items, but they always get bids.

Bred Zihna and Damian. I'll breed them again tomorrow night, too.
He still looks a bit moth-eaten. The wood shavings he had as his previous bedding did a number on his hair. And, I think his previous owner may have cut some of the knots off. I can't wait until his coat grows back.

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