Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13, 2014

Whew. Done. All the critters' cages & Nikky's yard are clean and they are fed and the Critter Room is clean. Time for rest, a smoothie and then vacuuming cabinets and the kitchen. Always too much to do. I should go to the post office today, too, but not gonna happen.

The doves all had some fly-time, the hamsters played in their ball (except Zihna) and the bunnies each had time running on the deck while their cages were cleaned. Zihna just got to supervise her tank being cleaned while she stayed in it. She had spilled her water, so most of the bedding had to go. So, I put twice as much bedding in as I usually do since I hope to not have to clean it again until after the pups are born ...

I had a yummy banana/blueberry/strawberry raw milk smoothie for lunch. I'm stuffed!
Got 2 crockpots full of chicken bones making bone broth. Second load of laundry in the dryer. Hummingbirds fed. Nikky and Ezra fed (they love their raw beef and freeze-dried raw lamb lung and beef liver!) Need to get the kitchen vacuumed now.

Scrubbed the kitchen sink and my bathroom. Fun times ...
And, I sold a book on eBay!
I hate waiting for payment ... I'm so impatient! ;)

Free eBooks!
B00I486F9K A Cat Called Cupid: A Romantic Comedy Novella
B00I89YYNY Indian Summer
Aaron Mahnke
Dinner is served. Wild cod; organic broccoli soaked in raw butter; raw milk with potato starch.
Flickr user David Silva | U.C. Berkeley Botanical Gardens, Berkeley, California | View a larger image and leave a comment.

Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.
~ William Shakespeare

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