Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014

I decided to take today off! Ha! And, I painted! I finished the red trim on the carport side of the house!!!

I'll be starting on the back on Sunday! I hate that there are already water stains on the gray, from overnight condensation. I wiped a lot of it off. If we'd ever get some rain, that would help to rinse it off ...

My hands smell like marjoram. Not a bad smell. I'm making frozen herbs. Fresh organic marjoram, raw butter (heated slightly to melt it), ice cube tray. Simple.
I wish I had some stainless steel ice cube trays ...

These will be great in eggs, potatoes or other dishes.
Ugh. Damn FreeCyclers that don't follow through.

Dinner will be rotisseried rabbit; sautéed Padrón peppers; ginger strawberry sorbet; raw milk with potato starch. Mmmm.
Wow. The smoke from the King Fire is starting to really settle down here in the Valley. I just took Nikky outside and the sky is a weird pinkish-gray.

Rabbit is in the rotisserie.

I bought a little gadget last month to play audio in my car without burning to CD. It just plugs into one of the cigarette lighter sockets and I can stick a jump drive or SD card in it. I've been loving it! Playing lots of music. But, now, I'm going to start listening to podcasts and audiobooks, too. I just converted some Daniel Vitalis podcasts to listen to next week.

I am stuffed! Dinner was sooo good. I will definitely make peppers like that again! Melt in your mouth while setting it on fire! haha! Of course, my mom complained that I didn't take the seeds out ... grrr ...

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