Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014

I forgot to post my dinner pic that I took last night. So, here it is!
My mom had tried to make pancakes with a gluten-free flour, but she made the batter way too thick. So, she poured it in the muffin pan! haha! They were actually good biscuits, I thought!

I painted today! But, I didn't get as much as I wanted done because the sun was in my eyes! But, I got almost as far as the deck awning.
This was the part of the house that was the whole reason for painting to begin with and I finally got it done. The paint had peeled so badly on this section that you could see the original dark brown. The park owner thought it was mold ... jerk. So, after a year, I finally covered up the spotty mess! ;) I need to get more brushes before I do any more painting this weekend.

I do not like water kefir. I finally got a good fizz going, but I just cannot get a good flavoring that covers up the horrible taste. So, one more bottle and I am done with it. I will stick to kombucha and milk kefir.
Lots of bubbles!

And, tonight's dinner was Llano Seco pork ribs and baby potatoes topped with raw butter, and raw milk with potato starch.

Put Zihna and Damian together last night, but she wasn't ready. Tonight, again.

No go with the hamsters ... maybe tomorrow night.

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