Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

Rain! What a lovely sound to wake up to this morning. Coming down pretty hard.

The hamsters love raw ground whole chicken. They each ate some off of a spoon. Last week they had ground chicken hearts and gizzards. Next week they'll have a beef and turkey mixture. It's the same raw food I feed Nikky and Ezra. The co-op makes the grinds for pets. Easier than me always doing it!

*(@^$(@*&#@($&@&!@&*^# I just got back on the internet. I don't know if was my damn modem or the cable company. Five hours I've been trying to get my connection back. And, at 8pm, bang - it's back! GRRRRR.

Well, I got my work day entered finally! Just finished feeding and putting the critters to bed. Bred the hamsters. No time to go through all my mail or the medias, so I am closing up to watch TV.

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