Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014

It's been a busy morning of cleaning cages and exercising the critters and not killing Nikky. She was driving me insane with her whining and carrying on ... and she tried to claw the sliding screen door more than usual. I had her out on the deck while I let the doves fly around in the Critter Room. So, she got put to bed until I was done with all the cleaning.
I moved Cassia into a bigger tank, now that she is nearly full-grown. She was very happy, I think! Lots more room to move around in. I put her in the tank Zihna had been in and moved Zihna into my big 30-gallon tank.
Cassia is worn out!
Zihna is checking things out.
Damian will sleep through anything. Love how all of his hair has grown back. It doesn't look moth-eaten, now.
Zihna and Damian bred on Friday night, so if it actually took this time, the pups will be due on October 12.
The rabbits got to run around and graze while I cleaned their cages. My mom sat outside with them.
Kayla is about half-grown, now.
Sheriff knows he's handsome!
Robin loves to dig. He had to stop and wash his face, though.
Ready for food and a nap in their clean cages. It's nice out, so they won't come in until about 4.
I found this yummie smoothie recipe last night and had to try it. Pumpkin and Pecan Pie smoothie -
It is really good. I subbed raw milk for the water. So creamy.
Ezra's hair has been feeling so silky-soft since he's been eating raw food. Love it!

Just finished making some cute things for someone's birthday next week. Need to mail them Monday. I'll post pics of what I made once they are received.

Nikky is still being a little brat. Jumping against the cabinets the hamsters are on ... I keep telling her they are not ready to eat, yet! haha!

Just brought the rabbits in. It's been a really nice day. Nice and cool. Will heat up again next week, though ... back in the 90s ... Yuck.

Picking out some beads to make some jewelry tomorrow. I have a couple sets I need to finish, too. Gotta start selling some things.

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