Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014

Cages are clean and all the babies are fed. The rabbits got to run around on the deck for the first time while I cleaned each of their cages. We finally have it pretty much escape-proof. Ezra has already gotten in trouble for trying to tear the plastic down from the wall behind the rabbits' cages. I've really got to think of something that will work on there for very little expense ...
After I finish my smoothie, I need to pull all the rabbits out and clip nails. Robin, especially, has some daggers that are turning. Not good. I should clip them more often.

Then, I need to start the measuring and cutting of the PVC pipes to build the flight cage frame. Fun!

I just killed my blender, finally. It shot out bits of plastic from the motor area as it quit! Letting it cool off before I put it in the garbage later. But, at least it finished making my smoothie! Ha! Tomorrow, I start using the Cuisenart to make my smoothies until I can get another blender.

I got the side panel frames cut and put together (They are leaning against the wall in the pic below.) I'll do the top, front and back panel frames tomorrow. The door will wait until I get the wire in a couple weeks.The side panels (and top) are 2x6 foot and the front & back panels will be 6x6 foot. I measured the opening of the sliding glass door before I started to make sure I'd be able to get it through the doorway when it's finished!
Birds and Ocean
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Being alive is gardening and cooking and birds and green and blue, at the very least.
~ Charles Bowden

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