Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7, 2014

Well, I got a little bit of painting done. The paint kept clumping on the hot metal ...
So, next weekend, I'll hopefully get the section in between painted ... little-by-little ...

I made a smoothie for lunch in the Cuinsenart ... not the best. I'm out of bananas ...

After lunch, I worked on the flight cage frame. I got the top frame done and then got 3 more pipes cut. I need to buy more before I can finish. I need to cut 5 more six-foot sections of pipe to finish the front and back ... So, I'll probably buy another 10-pack of pipes and another bag of elbows when I get my oil check.

Sold a book on eBay that I need to package and mail tomorrow.

Oh, and I checked the shed and I DO have plenty of wheels for the cages I am making! Yay!

Hmm ... can't log-in to PayPal to print out a mailing label! I don't want to pay full price at the post office tomorrow! Grrr.

My mom is making hot wings. Looks like they are really going to be HOT.

Mmmm. Hot wings. And, raw milk. Yummmm.

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