Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014

Woke up to wind. Lots of wind. I hate wind ...
All the eggshells I had drying on the deck got blown all over. Found most of the big pieces. Made enough eggshell grit to last the birds a few weeks, anyway. Several hanging plant stands got blown over in the yard.
Had to help the neighbors try to rescue the bunnies. The 2 boys did not survive, but my little girl did (so far.) I guess the wind scared them and they tried to get through the wire of their enclosure. Their windmill (a 6-foot tall metal one) got blown over onto the enclosure, too, which also might have scared them. Then, their nest box (a plastic pet carrier ...) blew over and crushed the boys. The little girl was caught in the wire and Martin cut the wire to get her out. She was a little cold, but now she is with mama and they have them in the house in a smaller cage. So, she may or may not survive ... :(

And, I don't think Zihna is pregnant. She would be due tonight and nothing. :(

And, to top it off ... my oil check did not arrive ... it's late ...

Well, I couldn't get my mom's TV to work with the satellite. Still can't get the remote to co-operate with the receiver ... Geesh, all I did was move the line to another room for the other TV ... stupid satellite. Spent an hour on that damn thing today. So, I hooked up the other digital converter to her TV. Now, just need to get a cheap rabbit ears next week whenever my oil check decides to show up ...
By the end of the year, I'll be cancelling the satellite even though there is still a year left on the damn contract. Yeah, I know ... there will be a big fee for cancelling early ... grrrr.

I got a few things listed online on FaceBook groups I'm in and on Bonanza and eBay. I really need to sell some things. My office is really getting crowded again.

MeTV has some great shows. Watching Black Sheep Squadron now. I LOVED that show when it originally aired. I was hooked on anything about WWII back then. I drew a lot of war-era airplanes at the time, too. I still have them all.
This is one that I made for 7th grade art class. It was some kind of stamping. Can't remember what it was called. The construction paper frame used to be light blue! It sure has discolored over the years ...

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