Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Not in the mood to do anything this morning. Not working today since the office in RI is closed. My mom woke me up before 5 this morning rearranging furniture in the TV Room ... grrrr. My mom wants me to put all the empty bins that aren't being used for the season under the house ... Zihna had no babies. At least it's not windy today ...

Making cookies! Pumpkin Spice Macaroons I only subbed coconut nectar for the honey. I'm out of honey!!!! That has not happened in a long time! Make sure to process until the shredded coconut becomes coconut butter. It will hold together better.
Soooo good. And, really not all that sweet.

Now, I need to go forage for the bunnies lunch and dinner. All out of greens from the co-op, so I'll have to stop there tomorrow.

I finally found a way to drink the barley tea that I can't stand! Use flavored coffee recipes! I made this: Pumpkin Pie Coffee Shake It's not too bad. Sub barley tea for the coffee. Since I don't have a blender and didn't want to use the big food processer for one drink (and the little food processer is too small ...) I put it all in a pint canning jar and shook it until the pumpkin mixed well with the liquids.
 I just discovered that we have a Morning Glory vine growing up from the ditch behind us and climbing our fence. I had pulled most of it off, thinking it was the usual Bindweed ... Glad I looked it up!! Toxic to bunnies! Eek. In the garbage it went. They LOVE Bindweed, which has a similar white flower, but smaller with small leaves. I'll let the Morning Glory grow, but I won't harvest it again!

Shredding lots of paper for the hamsters. I like to have a backstock of at least five 8-gallon bags-ful, so I don't have to do it every week.

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