Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

Cage cleaning day! It is chilly outside this morning and we had rain overnight. So, the rabbits will not be going on the deck this morning. They'll be running around inside while I clean. They enjoy it, but it's really hard to corral them when their time is up! Especially Sheri ...

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned around here ... damn drains backed up again. Flooded the laundry hall and my bathroom again ... not as badly as previous several times ... I've almost got the line cleared, but I hit my head on the frame of the opening under the house, so I am resting for a few minutes. It's pouring rain right now, too. And, I can't enjoy it! The rabbits are getting restless as they know I should be letting them out about now ... they do like a schedule.

I am beyond tired ... this is not how I planned my day to be. At least I got all the critters cleaned and fed. Robin and Sheriff are out on the deck for some air while I get their plastic and sheet situated the way I want it for under the cages. I moved the doves and Kayla to be along the wall with the big windows and the bucks will be along the smaller side window. I think it will work out better for cleaning inside in the future when the weather is too cold to do their cages out on the deck.

My mom is making me some bacon for lunch! Mmm. I'm starving. Once the bucks are back inside, I'll finish working on the drainage problem. The clog or whatever is at the other end of the trailer near my mom's bathroom or the mainline junction. I so don't want to take that apart today, but I may have to. Nothing else is clearing it. I've blown out the line twice (with the bladder attached to the hose) and there is still something there ...

Well, I broke down and went to the Dollar store and bought some poison for the drain. I really hate using that stuff, but it is getting too late for me to fight with the drain joint at the main line. I've done it before and it takes me several hours to get it apart. So, I'm going to try the poison ... if that doesn't work, I will do the drain joint this weekend. Just won't be able to wash any laundry until then. Grrr. I'll know in a couple hours if this first round of drain poison worked.
Glacier National Park
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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
~ Lao Tzu
The new Criminal Minds tonight was kind of ... odd. Not the type of thing they usually investigate. But, it was good.

I'll know in the morning if I cleared the line enough to do a load of laundry ... But, I think I will have to take the joint apart this weekend anyway, just to be sure nothing is stuck in there ... blech.

So tired. And, I have to drive to Arbuckle in the morning, after I stop at the farm ...

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