Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014

It's been a busy day, but I got home earlier than I had expected to. I went to the farm for milk, then Arbuckle to service the store up there. Then, the check engine light came back on as I was pulling out of the parking lot ... grrrrrrrrrrr. Stopped at the big produce stand in Dixon then, serviced a store there. Went to the co-op in Davis for bunny greens and other groceries. And, then, home. I need to call Curtis in the morning to have him check the car again. Plus, I have stores to service in West Sacramento  (where he lives) tomorrow, anyway. I need to clip Squint's nails, too. (His elderly cat.)

Other than all that, it's a nice day. 75°F. and some clouds.

And, no flooding of the plumbing so far today. I'm going to do another load of laundry and hope that goes well, too.

In pain. Sometimes, when I'm eating something yummy, I forget I don't have most of my molars left. They crumbled years ago and there's not much left to them ... I bit down on a yummy piece of beef heart and part of an old filling shifted and shooting pain arrived. Knocked it down with a double dose of willow bark (2 capsules rather than my normal 1) and rubbed with tooth gel. Finished dinner just fine (though it didn't taste nearly as good with the tooth gel) ... I cut the meat into smaller pieces and chewed on the other side for a while.

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