Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014

Today was ... interesting. I drove to the farm for milk and eggs. Drove that home. Then, went to the mall and parked the car. Took the bus to Sacramento and serviced two stores. Took an hour longer than planned. So, when I got back to the mall, I didn't feel like getting back on a bus to Davis ... I went to the BelAir around the corner from home and bought a few groceries and 3 heads of lettuce for the bunnies. I'll stop in Davis tomorrow.

Anyway, when I got back in my car at the mall, I could swear that my seat was not in the right position. I have long legs, so something was weird about the seat. I just couldn't figure it out!

When I got home, I found out why! My cousin, Curtis, had stopped by while I was out. My mom told him about the car problems. He was the one who gave me the car. So, he went to the mall and tried to figure out the problem. He drove the car around the mall lot. He has short legs, so moved the seat! Ha! Anyway, he told her he'd fix it! The little shit. I did not want to ask him as he has enough to deal with, with his brother always borrowing money from him! (Steve owes him $10,000 that he'll never see again ...) My mom says he's mad at me because I DIDN'T ask him for help ... go figure ... She also said that he looks great. I haven't seen him for a few months and he looked awful due to just recovering from the heart surgery and then getting food poisoning.

So, tomorrow, I'll drive to Davis to the co-op, then to West Sacramento to see Curtis and let him know what the problem is with the car. Said car better co-operate for that drive ...

In other news, the newest Doveling is still going strong. Just saw Little Boy feeding it. I don't think the other egg is going to hatch, though.

I picked up a couple of huge pork shoulder steaks at BelAir. I was sooo hungry. So, this was dinner! Along with fresh strawberries and banana; with raw milk & potato starch.
Great. The audio jack is messing up on my computer or else it's my headphones ... Gotta restart the computer later and see if that helps ...

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