Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

OK. Life can stop screwing with me now, please ...
Hit my forehead on the bathroom doorknob early this morning - don't ask ... My shoulder is killing me from moving those damn bricks yesterday. I actually hurt all over from that, but mostly my shoulder. My mom is complaining about her toilet water level ... and, I find a notice in my driveway (lucky it was not windy - or raining yet!) face-down, so I thought it was just a piece of garbage - that there may be new owners, change of management, increase in rent and loss of rent control soon ... I'm screwed. Space rent here is already over $400 (and , so not worth it!) On top of my loan payment and other bills ... If it goes up too much, I may have to give up on the last 2 credit card bills ... :/ It'll take me another 20 years to get my credit back ... we'll see what happens ...

Anyway, with my possible mild concussion, I'm staying home. There's a knot on my forehead and a bruise. Hurts like hell.

Gotta go forage the last of the Bermuda grass for the bunnies before it rains since I can't get to the co-op today.

Auction: Cute Fabric Box
Auction: Funky Wooden Beaded Animal Necklace - used
Auction: 5 Amber Glass Dropper Bottles - Used
Auction: The Big Red One - VHS - used

My little concussion headache is trying to morph into a migraine ...
Clouds are really moving in. Might really get rain this afternoon!!

Forgot to breed the hamsters (again) last night. We'll get started on this breeding thing eventually! The doves are doing great on it. Big Boy and Little Girl are sitting on a pair of eggs again. Oh, and forgot to mention that the neighbors lost the last bunny. So, I'm searching for an adult doe again, but might have to put that off until the new year. By then, Kayla will be old enough to breed.

The neighbor's kid is not helping my headache. He is learning an instrument ... brass or woodwind of some sort. A horn, anyway ... ugh. Normally, I can block it out, but not today ... pain ...

Dinner is cooking. I found a good chicken recipe through the FlyLady FB feed: Key Lime Chicken Thighs Had to make a couple of substitutes - leg quarters for thighs, lemon juice for lime juice and tomato boullion for chicken boullion ... so, we'll see if it turns out as good as it sounds! We're also having Bacon-Apple Pie Bites again. Really like those. Plus, baked potatoes with lots of butter. Raw milk with potato starch.
I'm stuffed!

Well, that sucks. Sacramento had a few sprinkles, but we got nothin'! :(

Tried both Zihna and Cassia with Damian tonight and neither was ready ... try again tomorrow.
Little Boy and Squabbie laid an egg today. Doveling isn't even 3 weeks old, yet! Big Boy and Little Girl haven't hatched their latest 2 eggs yet. Any day, now. And, Paloma is a male. He started bow-cooing to Dovelet this morning.

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