Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014

So, yeah ... I have the best cousin. Curtis fixed my car and waived what I owed him ... when I'm able I'll pay him back, anyway, whether he wants me to or not ... and, he's going to come help me in a couple weeks to install all the light and fan fixtures I bought last year and never put up ...
He looks great and is full of energy since his surgery last year. He's been doing some remodeling on his house FINALLY!! He's been going to remodel for the past 23 years. Seriously. The place was past the point where it should have been condemned. Especially the bathroom. It's beyond disgusting. I don't know how he's continued to live there. But, what he's repaired in the living room looks great already.

Took some new pics of Damian. His hair has grown back nicely from his previous owner cutting on it. He still has a short section over his shoulders that will hopefully grow back soon.
 The Doveling is growing nicely. Little Boy is a very doting daddy.
Dinner was very filling. I couldn't finish it! So, more leftovers. Scrambled eggs with ground chicken, topped with mascarpone. And, nice, cold raw milk with potato starch.
In one of the hamster groups I'm in, the admin asked 'what do you keep your extra supplies in', so I shared this pic. The metal cabinet was my grandparents' that they kept in the kitchen. It's probably at least 75 years old. I keep extra bedding for the bunnies, toys, hamster ball and some other critter supplies in there. That is Damian's tank on top of it. Cassia's is next to him on an antique Singer sewing machine! And, that is Nikky's place of nearly constant vigil since I got the hamsters. She stays in there all day hoping to see them ... crazy dog.

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