Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014

It's a beautiful rainy day! We really need it.

Nikky is 5 today! Can't believe she's been with us over 4 years already. She's having a lazy day with me.

I'm going to make these for lunch: Pumpkin Pie Coconut Flour Pancakes
These turned out really good. :)
I made a few postcards, some envelopes and an ATC today. Here are a few of them.

 Oh, and I made this silly wallpaper for one of my groups the other day.

Last week, I broke one of the little plastic thingies at the end of the blinds pull-cord on one of the living room windows. So, I decided to replace all of them with wooden beads! I like it and it's easier to grab to pull them open or closed.

So, I bought individually boxed Sun Maid raisins (the co-op was out of the organic ones ...) and these yummy little truffles for the trick-or-treaters:
B00J18DMHA Organic Velvet Truffles Dark Milk Chocolate
Alter Eco
But, because of the rain, I get them allllllll! ;)

I hate having my picture taken, but here is me in my Matthew Gray Gubler original. I only wear it on Hallowe'en. haha! I'm standing on a box to get the reflection ...
I'm upset about not being able to find one of my old photo albums. I've been looking for it off and on for a few weeks. I finally dug around in the old window seat, hoping it was in there. Most of our old pictures, negatives, albums, etc. from the past 100 years are in there if they are not out on a shelf. No luck ... It is most of my pics from my childhood from about 5-15 years old ... I know it is around here someplace. Just not the several places I thought it might be ... :/

Just finished watching Bell, Book and Candle. Next up is The Return of the Vampire! Oldies, I love them!

Fun times tomorrow. After I clean cages, I get to pull up my mom's toilet and replace the leaky wax ring. Surprised it didn't need it before now. I had to replace mine soon after we moved in about 5 years ago.

No goblins or ghouls ... Chocolate and raisins are MINE! ;)

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