Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014

When I dropped cable last year and made the big mistake of getting satellite for the TV, I couldn't get all three TVs hooked up due to the extra cost. So, the TV in my bedroom has not been used since then. I finally dug out the old digital converters that we got when the government stole all the radio waves from us. I hooked one of them up and just could not get a signal. Then, I realized I had to have it hooked up to an antenna, too. Bingo! I hooked up our very first antenna - vintage rabbit ears! It is at least 50 years old and it works great! I was really surprised. I figured the wiring would be bad, but I now get about 20 channels! Seriously!
Now, I need to get 2 more little antennas, because once the damn satellite contract is up, I am not renewing or getting cable again. Don't need them. I have 3 computers and I can hook all of the TVs up to them or the external hard drives and watch almost anything I want that way.

Leftover pork steak for dinner. With broccoli/red pepper (can't really see the red peppers ...) topped with mascarpone. And, raw milk with potato starch.
I made a cute birthday card and gifts last week and thought I'd share them now.
 They were all a lot of fun to make!

When I cleaned cages earlier today, I moved #1 out of Big Boy and Little Girl's cage. They are on eggs again and #1 is 7 weeks old now. He seems a little behind on growth and is not the perkiest dove I've ever had. But, hopefully, he'll fatten up now that he's on his own. Depending on how he progresses, I'll either sell him or freeze him ... ;) Little Boy and Squabbie's little Doveling is growing well, but I threw the second egg out. I candled it and it was no good.
"A dog has kindliness in his heart and dignity in his demeanor.
The finest qualities anyone can have."
~Kay Francis~

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