Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1, 2014

I finished cleaning cages at 10:30! Ninety minutes is about the quickest I can get them all done and the floor vacuumed around them. Just put the second load of wash in. After I finish my tea, I'll be vacuuming the kitchen and then will start on my mom's toilet repair. :/

I'm getting used to this barley tea finally. I hate throwing anything away, so I keep trying it again with different flavorings. It's alright with my lemon simple syrup, as long as I don't let it steep too long and get too strong.

It feels chilly today. I had to wear socks. I'm going barefoot more and more these days. But, I don't think I can handle it through the cold months, so I'll be sock-footed! I've also pretty much stopped wearing shoes, other than for work. But, rather than my usual boots or high tops, I'm wearing my old moccasins. So, my feet are working much more naturally and able to spread and grip the way they are supposed to. My oldest pair of moccasins are going to be a template to make my own, rather than buy more. Just need to go to the Tandy outlet in Sacramento and decide on some suede stock.

I hate working on plumbing. Especially, when I have to lift a toilet that is heavier than me and NOT squish the wax ring. Not fun. But, it is done and the bottom is caulked. Waiting for it to dry before I turn the water back on and see if I did it all right ...

Done. Finally! Had a small leak on the intake pipe when I turned the water back on, so had to drain the tank again and seal the pipe with teflon tape. Seems to have worked.

We're having baked beef heart, fried fingerling potatoes, raw milk with potato starch. Smells good. I'm starving.

Just made a sale in my Bonanza shop. Yay!

There is a free composting workshop coming up next Saturday I hope to go. They are giving out kitchen compost bins for those who attend! And, worms. I got worms a couple of years ago and they are still working one of my bins. But, I want to expand. And, I really need a bin for the kitchen.

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