Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12, 2014

Waiting on my mom. We are going to get a new cage for Patty and then to the co-op for bunny greens and raw food for Ezra. He's very picky and insists on only eating beef right now ... although he ate some salmon this morning ... brat. My mom decided at the last minute - of course - that she wanted to take some coffee with her ... so, waiting for that to be done ...

Yesterday, I worked some more on the doves' flight cage. I had to go to Home Depot and get more PVC pipe. But, the main frame is done. Just need a little tweaking done on it to all fit right. Next, I'll be getting the wire mesh. But, that may not be until next month, so I can get a whole roll of it at one time. That will be the most expensive part.

Also, the guy came yesterday to do the free A/C service. It is through a program with the local utility company for low-income. So, that is done. I hope to get a canvas cover for the A/C in the next couple of weeks, if I can find the right size. I hate using those crappy blue tarps. They never last and then, I have blue bits of plastic all over the place when it wears out.

Cassia is still being a doting mama hamster. I haven't seen the babies since they were born. But, I know they are in there. She has a great nest! I am so tempted to peak, but I will wait until they are at least a week old.

Whew. Broke again! ;)
I bought a 24x24 stacking cage for Patty. (I almost forgot the 10% off coupon in my pocket. I paid, took it out to the car and then remembered! Went back in and they honored it!) If we end up with Dakota or decide to keep one of the does from a future litter, I'll be able to get an identical cage to stack on hers'. Also, bought 2 hay mangers. Then, we went to the co-op and got a few things, along with the bunny greens and 5 lbs. of carrots. Cleaned the birds and hamsters after we got home. Resting and trying to decide on lunch before I clean the rabbits' cages and put Patty's new cage together.

Temptation conquered me! I took some of the top off of Cassia's nest! Lots of babies and still so tiny (they are 4 days old.) She made her little angry chirping noises, so I put everything back. She was fine after that!

I need to package a couple of sales and swaps to mail out tomorrow ...


Getting the new cage put together. I really need to find my j-clips and j-clip pliers. I hope I still have them somewhere ... I don't like the flimsy clips on this cage. But, they will have to do for now.

OK. I really like the new cage. I'm going to get at least one more the next time I have some extra cash. But, for now, I've got what I need for every one.
Patty in her new cage.
I may get one of the new cages for Kayla. Haven't decided, yet. I want to use the playpen she is in as the nursery when we have bunnies in the spring.
Wow! Criminal Minds! Tackling social media trends (selfies) and then trending on Twitter!

Nikky is being a little brat tonight and won't go to sleep. She keeps barking and growling in the other room.

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