Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 15, 2014

Chilly this morning. But, I'll warm up once I start on the cages. I have to dig around in Zihna's nest. Don't know if she had pups or not. She has such thick hair, that I couldn't tell if she had gained any weight! Cassia's pups are a week old. Saw one of them yesterday. Still so tiny! Can't wait until they have hair!
Squabbie laid another egg, but she's not nesting. She didn't even use any of the straw/hay/weeds I gave them to build the nest ... I'll put more. They might build before the next egg comes.

Finally done cleaning. Two hours today ... but, I did get some pics of Cassia's pups! Still not sure how many there are! Still in the corner where they were born. Look at that baby on his back, stretching! :) Looks like all of them are broken banded like their parents. But, don't know the colors yet as the hair is just 'peach fuzz' right now.
No pups from Zihna ... :(
I moved Doveling in with #1. It was way past time to do that! I think Little Boy and Squabbie were getting tired of their kid! haha! I wish I had the flight cage done and the leg bands ordered ... I'm going to get colored, removable leg bands for all the doves, so I will know who breeds with whom when they are all together. It's easy now with them all paired in separate cages.
Can't remember if I mentioned it the other day, but I bought a can of live mealworms for the hamsters. They LOVE them. They get 1-2 each day. They are really small ones. And, I found some kind of green worm in the veggies the other day and gave it to Zihna. She was in heaven! haha! Ick.

Been a busy day. Fourth load of laundry is in the washer. Hummingbird food is made. Tea is made. Vacuumed bathroom rugs and bedroom floor. Finally, roasting the spaghetti squash seeds I've had in the fridge for a few days. Rubbed in chili powder, salt and coconut oil.

Listening to Daniel Vitalis podcast.

Big Boy and Little Girl have the paper (magazine pages) torn up in their tray already! I'm almost to the point of using washable cloth rags in their trays like I do with the rabbits ... :/ I already give them hay, weeds, & shredded paper for their nests. But, that's apparently not good enough!
Cyclone Big Boy!

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